The blessed month: Ramazan

This is the blessed month of Ramazan - fasting, if observed in accordance with the Sunnah with its spirit and conditions, becomes a great means of attaining not only spiritual but also physical healing.

The body wants to rest. A good night's sleep is essential for maintaining the body's strength and energy. The purpose of a weekend vacation is to relieve physical and mental fatigue.
The purpose of this relaxation is to refresh and improve performance.

The internal organs of the body also want rest.

Now the internal organs of the body like heart, liver, stomach, kidney, etc. also need some rest or break to improve their performance.

On a normal day, we eat three meals a day and the rest of the time we eat and drink. Now when some food or water reaches the body every few hours, the internal organs of the body like heart, liver, stomach, kidneys, etc. also work. Have to stay

On the contrary, in the blessed month of Ramadan, from Sehri to Iftar, all these internal organs like heart, liver, stomach, kidney, etc. get a chance to rest for 12 to 16 hours and these organs become calm and relaxed. And this rest is also continuous for a month.

What are the benefits of being on an empty stomach?

Not only in the old days but even today, it is preferred to be on an empty stomach for all gastrointestinal diseases.

Islam is a very balanced religion - staying on an empty stomach for a very long time can be harmful, but a balanced religion has commanded us to have sehri and iftar. The command to eat twice a day is very balanced.

During fasting, when it is time for lunch, our body needs food. Body fluids and enzymes are ready to digest food. Now we can't eat or drink because of fasting, so our stomach acid and all other fluids continue their work and take the leftover food in the body to the excretory system. - Excess and useless substances are separated from the body.

Fasting protects the body from major diseases.

You have often heard that a person's condition has been worse for a few days or weeks. Tests show that the patient has developed blood pressure or diabetes or cancer. They are the result of defects and are slowly pumping into the body.

Now the benefit of Ramadan is that if a major disease is developing in the body in silence and a person is not aware of it, then fasting becomes a cure for the diseases that gradually arise.

The benefit of fasting for 30 days of Ramadan is that the fasting person gets rid of most of the waste products from his body. Most of the toxins that are produced inside him are weakened or eliminated and all the organs of the human body are renewed. Health is restored, the immune system is strengthened, and the organs of the body are fully reformed, and the major diseases that are developing are eliminated.

So Ramadan saves from blood pressure - saves from diabetes - by reducing weight and moderating it, it not only prevents many diseases from occurring but also saves from many mental diseases.

So fasting is a way to prevent diseases - this is a free way to get rid of most diseases without medication.

Consequences of abstinence in Ramadan

Fasting will be beneficial for health only if it is followed in the manner prescribed by Allah and His Messenger. It means that the general principles of health or precautions should also be followed.

So eat a balanced diet at Sehri and Iftar.

1- Minimize the use of white sugar, salt, and oils - so that sugar does not cause blood pressure and cholesterol problems.

2- Do not eat food on a full stomach - bloating and heaviness will cause problems.

3- Do not eat too much food or dishes at the same time. Stomach upset.

4- Drinking several glasses of water or beverages between meals or after meals helps to get rid of water in the stomach and causes digestive problems.

5- Do not lie down immediately after eating sehri or iftar. Sleep is only three to four hours after any meal. Sleeping early can cause major stomach problems.

The month of Ramadan refreshes the body and the soul. Spend it as Allah has commanded and it is the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Immunity will also increase and at the same time endurance will also increase and you will avoid many diseases.

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